Troop 659

St Marina Boy Scouts


    In 2008, Father Bishoy Kamel had a dream - that St Marina would offer a Boy Scout opportunity through the church. With the help of some great volunteers and the encouragement of parents, participating scouts and the prayers of Saint Marina - we are proud to show the world that Troop 659 is growing stronger, bigger and better every year.

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    The Boy Scouts of St Marina Troop 659 is very unique in that we follow the guidelines and requirements of the National Boy Scouts but with the full integration of our Coptic Orthodox faith, heritage and traditions. For example, for a scout to be accepted in to Troop 659, they must also be an active deacon. For a scout to advance in rank, they must follow an interview process that includes the ScoutMaster, the Head Deacon Maged Mecheal, Father Kyrillos and Father Bishoy.

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The Value of Boy Scouts to Coptics

    Being a part of the Boy Scouts exposes your son to a variety of events, experiences and opportunities that will help broaden their growth as young men. Not just children of Egyptian families, but boys in general grow and learn as part of the Boy Scout program. Though the St Marina Boy Scouts insures that God, Jesus and our orthodox faith are present in everything we do - there are adventures the scouts experience that will be remembered for a life time. Be sure to check out our Photo Album.

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The Value of Coptics as Boy Scouts

    The United States of America has sadly changed over the years. Drifting further and further away from its Christian foundations. “In God We Trust” used to mean something in the USA. Now it is just an overlooked motto on a dollar bill. We as Coptic Orthodox Christians embrace the original Christian foundations of the Boy Scouts. In fact, much of what we do as Boy Scouts is directly linked to being a member of the Coptic Orthodox Faith.

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What is an Eagle Scout?

    The highest rank a scout can achieve as a Boy Scout is an Eagle Scout. Big deal right? Yes, it is a big deal. As an Eagle Scout, your son would join a very small number of scouts that have achieved this rank - less than 1% of all Boy Scouts make it to Eagle rank. You will be entered into the International Registry of Boy Scouts, you will receive a letter of recognition from congressmen, senators and even the President of the United States. An Eagle Scout is one of the most beloved and recognized accomplishments a young man can achieve. And Troop 659 can help to make that possible for your son.

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Yes, Boy Scout troop 659 has a lot of fun doing a lot of fun activities - but we also stress the importance of our faith, our service and our role as spiritual leaders.

Welcome to St Marina’s Boy Scout Troop 659

Exciting News!!!
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    The National Boy Scouts has launched a brand new software that is accessible both from the internet and mobile devices. This new program will allow leaders, parents and scouts to track their rank progress, check out their merit badges and stay on top of their record. Your parents will be receiving an email invitation shortly.